Naturally Industrial - the name of this project that focussed on natural and industrial art forms.

The Visual Recording unit was a big art and design project that focussed on various types of drawing skills such as learning to draw using measuring techniques, mixed media; ink and charcoal to show tone - light and dark, collage, draping on the stand illustrations, mono printing and more! 

The skills developed during this project enhanced my confidence when drawing, I discovered a way of drawing that not only made me feel comfortable when putting pen to paper but I really enjoyed the effect and style I produced; continuous line. Continuous line drawing is a unbroken drawing from start to end, an uninterrupted contact with the surface during the entire length of the drawing. I enjoyed quick illustrations using this style. 



Explain different variations of artwork and how the patterns / mark making etc was used in final designs. 



This mood board shows various mark making that has been used in my final design, as well as colour scheme with a sportswear look.  I used continuous line drawing in my illustrations as this was the most comfortable way to draw, also, this style of drawing adds affect and texture to the theme and look of my design collection.