Textiles was a project I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. The project was to create a print inspired by a poem, I chose To Autumn by John Keats, simply because of the title, 'To Autumn' Autumn is my favourite season. I researched and analysed the poem by brainstorming, gathering words that came to mind, I then visually created artwork drawn from my own interpretations of the poem and also observational drawings from nature. I created collages of images and materials that I felt represented the poem.  


to autumn

Mind map of the poem; To Autumn, by John Keats. 

Mixed media art work inspired by the poem, I used ink and felt pen, I drew with a stick and a paintbrush for effect and texture. 

Collage work; here I began putting pictures and materials together which reflected my thoughts and interpretations of the poem and how I could incorporate that into fashion.


Colour Palette

Brainstorming and art work above inspired my colour palette; these colours were mixed and created by myself using textile binding and pigment. I tested the colours on calico fabric to get the true depth of each colour, as the colours on paper would have a different shade/tone.  As this project was about creating a print for a garment and how it could be used in fashion, testing the colours on fabric was a wise decision. 

My artwork above was drawn observationally from flowers and plants, I drew with ink and a stick which gave my drawings a texture and effect that I feel could not have been achieved with a pencil or pen. The natural marking on a stick / wood produced natural mark makings. Artist research consisted of a variety of textile print designers, the one artist I was inspired by the most was Natalie Radcliffe, her work was mostly drawn using ink, subtle tones and colour which really appealed to me. 

From my artwork above I chose my favourite drawings which were transferred onto a screen, I was then able to use the ink previously mixed and screen print my drawings onto various fabrics, due to the nature of my poem, I chose to use natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk to print onto. Above are a selection of samples. 

Autumn Collage Illustration PS.jpg

autumn feels

Mixed media; collaged illustration using my print. 

Final Pattern 2.jpg

flower bud

I chose to use this drawing for my my final print (sample 7) above, on white linen fabric using two shades of green. The flower buds will overlap on the fabric, in lines going down the fabric. 

A selection of photographs above showing the process of screen printing. Carefully laying down my fabric in the print room, I began by placing photocopied artwork onto the fabric to line up and make markings to remind myself where each print will go, this was very important as each print had to be placed in the same direction with the same distance between. This was accomplished by printing each block with gaps in between to allow drying. Once the first layer was complete, I began the second layer with a different colour. This project was by far the most fun as I got to create my own print, which stemmed from an observational drawing, I am very proud of the outcome and will continue to do screen printing in the future. 


Final Print

Floral and organic. A heavyweight linen fabric.