styling for fashion


My title page...

I created this page using Photoshop, as I did with all my work for this project. 

Styling! My favorite... This unit was very exciting. We was given two projects within this unit, the first, a mini styling project that had to be done in two weeks. We was given a 'product' and a 'theme' - I chose at random a 'mac' or 'trench' as my product and 'culture' as my 'theme'. We also had to choose a magazine that the photoshoot would feature in and a target market. I chose Look Magazine - not only is it one of my favorites but the magazine features a lot of streetwear trends and hughstreet brands that I feel appeal to the majority. The photoshoot was called 'Return of the Mac'... I chose 'streetwear' as my culture, and teamed the latest 'streetwear' trends with a 'Mac'. I began with some research on stylists, editorial photoshoots, photographers, colour blocking and of course Look Magazine. 


'return of the mac'


Research on 'streetwear' trends and 'trench dressing' - I looked at current trends for ideas of how I would style my model. I also looked at various locations but opted to go with a studio photoshoot as Look Magazine mostly shot there editorial spreads in studios. As well as trends, I looked at hair, makeup and accessories. 


the princess and the pea

Our second styling shoot theme was based on fairytales, we had to choose a fairytale, a product, target market and magazine for this photoshoot - I chose 'The Princess and the Pea'. My product; florals, target market Harpers Bazaar magazine, photoshoot - artistic.