fashion illustration

Fashion illustration, also known as fashion sketching is an art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that starts with illustration, drawing and painting. Here is a selection of illustrations using mixed media, such as ink, felt and material. Different styles of fashion such as colour blocking, minimal and volume. 


My favorite illustration: This was created using masking fluid and black ink. A quick and effective way of illustrating. it is bold with an artistic look, the brush stroked background provides a textured effect. 

This illustration was crated using fine liner and ink, a line up of women's wear, different garments with added colour. I also splashed ink around the illustration for a 3D/cosmo effect. 

One of my first illustrations, I wanted to show garments, ill fitted and shaped around the body to create a silhouette. I used buttons and material in this illustration, I also stitched into the illustration with thread using a sewing machine. 

Apple iPhone 7 Plus_20180422_093947.jpg

A portrait illustration using ink; colour blocking and bold colour. I tried to create tone - light and dark areas to give it a realistic look. 

Life Drawing

Life drawing was challenging for me; we had various tasks such as timed drawings 3,5 and 10minutes, drawing whilst the model continuously moved and drawing with random objects such as a banana and a very long stick!