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The Digital Imaging for Design project was a project based on the Vivienne Westwood stamp designs, using this as inspiration we created a set of stamps to illustrate pattern design for either ladies wear, mens wear or children's wear. I created six designs to use for my pattern idea, I used specialist software such as Photoshop to create digital imaging. 

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I decided to do ladies footwear. These images are the original designs. The illustrations are mixed media, a combination of ink, felt pen and oil pastels, this helped with showing I captured colour, texture and shape. I scanned my original art work and began to manipulate the images by creating a clear white back ground, erasing any mistakes I made and generally enhancing the images, this was done in Photoshop.  

shoe design illustrations

All images have been manipulated using Photoshop - using various tools I managed to clean the image, brighten and enhance it. This project was very independent, the tasks given to show how to achieve this and how to navigate around Photoshop was very clear and precise. I found the tasks easy to follow. 


Pattern Designs

A series of pattern design ideas using the following tools: Flipping images vertically and/or horizontally, resizing, coloured backgrounds and adding texture and effects. 

using pattern in photo's.jpg

Pattern ideas used in fashion

Using Photoshop I carefully cut around various clothing items and used some of my pattern designs (shown above) within the clothing item. The first image, the skirt using the yellow sling back shoe on a brown background with a repeat pattern. The second image, the blue stained glass background using the blue and yellow court shoe and the third image, the trousers using the green slip on shoe, textured with a blurred green background. The designs are very bold, my favourite is the the third image, I like the green trouser and the long striped duster coat as a combination. 

Using the pattern ideas from above, I created these illustrations using oil pastels and then scanned them into Photoshop. On the left is the original image and the right is the digitally enhanced image, I used effects and added texture to digitally enhance the the illustration giving a bold and dramatic look. These illustrations will become my four stamp ideas.